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Young Peoples Forum

Hello, My name is Assia and I am the Young people's Forum Facilitator. This means, I consult with young people with SEND on issues important to them, and develop a forum in which discussions around what can be done better in the community as well as contributing ideas in a safe place which will inform service developments and policy change. Presently I am trying to look for Young People with SEND between the ages of 16-25 who would be interested in taking part in the Waltham Forest SEND Youth Forum.

The aim of the forum is to allow Young People the opportunity to have their voices heard and make a positive contribution in order to improve the SEND services for children and YP in the Borough. The information gathered through the forum will be fed back to the Local Authority and educational establishments which will inform policy change.
If your child is aged between 16-25yrs and would like to participate in the WF SEND Youth Forum, then please request they get in touch with me via my email:


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