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Our values and policies

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Our values and policies

Impartiality statement

The information, advice and support that we offer is firmly based in the law and the SEND Code of Practice. We provide unbiased information and advice about the local authority’s policies and procedures and about the policy and practice in local schools and other settings.

At Waltham Forest SENDIASS we follow a national set of Minimum Standards for services providing impartial information, advice and support relating to Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND). The Minimum Standards are developed by the Information, Advice and Support Services Network.

This helps us to monitor the effectiveness of our service we provide and ensure that it is at 'arm’s length’ from the local authority. By this we mean that we act, and are seen to act, separately and impartially, with no undue influence or control from either the local authority or the Clinical Commissioning Group in our area.

By being impartial we aim to help parents, children and young people to have clear, accurate and relevant information that will help them take part in decisions about their lives.

Read our full Impartiality Statement.


Confidentiality statement

Waltham Forest SENDIASS always makes sure we follow the Data Protection Act 1998. Any information which might identify you or your family will only be used for the purposes of providing information and advice to you. Information will be held securely.

What you talk to us about is completely confidential, only our staff have access to this information and we would only talk to other people with your consent.

You do not have to provide names or other identifying information in order to seek general advice.

In order to support your best interests and help to secure good outcomes for you or your child, we will work collaboratively with the Local Authority, and maintain positive relationships with their staff.

The IASS team will not share your information with anyone else without your agreement. This includes with the Local Authority.

IASS records will be kept separately from other records concerning you and your child that may be held by Waltham Forest Council.

The IASS team will seek your permission before accessing information about your child from other services of Waltham Forest Council or other services.

The IASS will only discuss views or information provided by you with other professionals with your agreement.



The law states that confidential information should be shared for the protection of children or vulnerable adults, and for the prevention of crime.

Anonymous information about the number of contacts and the themes of any discussions may be used to help develop and improve the quality of Information Advice Support Service and other services.


Complaints policy

We want everyone who accesses Waltham Forest SENDIASS to be happy with the service we provide. That's why, if you feel we've let you down, we want to hear from you - no matter how big or small the issue is.

Often we'll be able to put things right, and even if we can't, knowing where we've gone wrong will help us do better in the future.

We promise to deal with every complaint quickly, professionally and confidentially. 

Making a formal complaint

There are several ways to make a complaint. You can write a letter explaining what happened and send it to the address in the contact us section. You can also send us an email or get in contact via telephone. 

Your complaint will be investigated by someone who isn't directly involved. If it's upheld, we'll apologise fully - and, if appropriate, let you know what we're doing to put things right. 

We aim to respond to every complaint within eight weeks. If it's going to take longer than this, we'll explain why and keep you informed of progress.

Asking for a review

If you feel we haven't dealt with your complaint properly, or you aren't satisfied with the outcome, you can ask us to review the decision. 

Please make sure you ask for this within four weeks of receiving the decision. The review will be overseen by our Chief Executive.